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Help the Walk with Donkeys fix the weather damage!

This winter’s weather has been horrible in Ierapetra. Strong, cold winds, low temperatures  and heavy rainfall have made us forget that we live just a few nautical miles far from North Africa.

Credits: Suzanne Barbour

Last week we had a horrific storm that lasted two days. The winds were so strong, that my car was nearly blown away twice! Powercuts occurred everywhere in the province, public trash bins were turned over and scraps from roofs and fields were flying during the storm. The sea had turned white because of the wind.

Our beloved Walk with Donkeys Sanctuary suffered heavy damage as well. Plastic and metal scraps were blown off their place -putting the animals’ lives at risk- and are now all over the floor. At least 1,500 euros are needed for the reparations. I would like to remind you that the charity is run on exclusively private funds and receive NO help from the Greek authorities, despite its immense contribution to animal welfare, with more and more people dropping donkeys and other pets there. The charity have set up a crowdfunding page on Youcaring, which you can find here . Any contribution will be appreciated. Many people have had the generosity and kindness to help the charity archive its 1,500-euro goal. Will we have you on board?

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