Become a guest author

So, you want to become a guest author for Equestrian from Crete? That’s great! Keep reading to know how!

The blog is about everything equestrian, thus you can submit a post on any equestrian topic you have in mind! There is no word limit and your post will be featured on the blog as well! You will also be added to the page on which all guest authors are listed with bios and everything!
If you consider submitting a post on Equestrian from Crete, I will need the following from you: 
  • Your article with a picture (the resolution needs to be as high as possible, so that it can appear on the slide show with the featured articles. Please don’t forget to add any credits. If you can’t find any suitable image, I can find one for you 🙂 )
  • A short bio, which will appear under the text and on the page with the guest authors, preferably with a photo of you.
  • Please make sure you’ve done your editing etc. I thought I should write this just in case.

And that’s it, basically! Many thanks!

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