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Book review – “Thoroughbred Breeders: New Blood”, by Christine Meunier

  I read Christine Meunier’s romance novel “Thoroughbred Breeders: New Blood”. The story unfolds in a large stud in Victoria, Australia. Savannah, having a degree in equine breeding, has only worked for a year in Nev’s large stud, looking after mares, stallions and foals. Of course, a business of this size requires the right partners and, in the equine world, this includes responsible farriers. Rick and Jay have a number of apprentices, whom they bring with them every Tuesday, to look after the feet of Nev’s precious horses. Tuesday had been a boring day for Savannah, who had to spend all day holding equine feet for the farrier and his annoying trainees. But that specific Tuesday was different; Rick and Jay brought in Craig, a knowledgeable yet humble young man. He immediately drew Savannah’s attention, and Savannah drew his. The only problem is, Craig is also pursued by one of Savannah’s best friends, who happens to have liked –and involved with-  a number of other apprentices.

With precise descriptions, clear language and an engaging story, Meunier has once more proven that she has exceptional creative writing skills. I truly felt that I was at a large stud in Victoria, Australia, watching a young lady take care of horses and gossip with her friends about a handsome young farrier. Meunier’s deep knowledge in equestrian is clearly demonstrated here, as she provides a plethora of details of the equine breeding practices. The reader can literally feel that they are witnessing an equine birth.

Last but not least, I do like the fine way in which the author refers to religion. I felt the strong impact that religion can have on our love lives; it is moral principles, which are so much needed but forgotten, as we tend to push them aside to allow space for narcissism and pursuit of happiness in “cheap” relationships.

The ending of the book makes you anticipate impatiently more of the story and, personally, I hope that there is!



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