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Event: Horsemanship experiential workshop “You Can Do That Too” in Crete

Image from pixabay.com

Who is up for learning in Crete this summer? There is a notable opportunity for those of you who want to spend some of their summertime developing their horsemanship skills. The farm “With Horses Here and Now” is hosting this summer the natural-horsemanship instructor from Australia Stavros Steve Vergis.

The concept of the seminar

Most of the problems that we face with equines derive from the fact that they don’t trust us, they don’t respect us or are afraid of us. To build an appropriate rapport with our horse, first of all we should follow some groundwork programme and once we have done that, follow our riding programme.

We should gain control of both his sides and teach him how to recognize and respect our personal space. Groundwork is necessary to familiarize ourselves and the horse with his correct handling.

Steve Vergis’s method provides a safe groundwork programme which can be implemented before we ride a horse for the first time, be it a colt or an older horse whose skills and reactions we are not aware of yet. Steve is also going to cover behavioral problems and problems caused by abuse.

The participants, who are going to work in small groups, are going to be provided with a horse to work with during the seminar and will also receive certificates of attendance. The programme is going to take place on the following dates:

  • 18-20 August 2017
  • 25-27 August 2017
  • 1-3 September 2017

The fee is 240 euros per person and will be reduced to 210 euros for those who book by 12 July 2017

The working languages will be Greek and English.

The seminar will take place in Sitia, Crete, near the church of the Holy Apostles.

For details, contact Mrs. Andrea Particia Wiener-Angelakis

  • Tel: (+30) 6981906761
  • E-mail: mit.pferden.im.hier.und.jetzt@gmail.com

Maybe we can meet there?

And if you do not have the luck to live in the area already, why not grabbing the opportunity to add some more experiences to your trip by spending a few days in one of the gorgeous villas suggested by our partner Cretico?

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