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Pretty things that stamp your life

Everyone has a birthplace and a place they spent their childhood in. Even if we weren’t that lucky in our early years, there were still pleasant little moments that we recall now and then.

I believe that Crete is an ideal place for one to grow up. Growing up in Crete goes together with unforgettable memories of endless swimming, excursions in the mountains, holidays in the plethora of villages that exist on the island, exploration of everything that can be explored, feasting in picturesque places, flirting on the beach and so much more. The beauty of the images that stain your mind forever cannot be described with words; images that combine breathtaking landscapes with chores and family moments.

My favourite theme is the passage of boats and ships by the house, which lies by the sea, 20m high. When my sister and I were kids, my mum loved sitting with us on the porch, staring at the sea for hours. And when we saw a boat, my mother sang the “Little boat”, which in English could be translated like this:

The little boat is sailingThe fisherman’s little boat is sailing
From the shore
Oh, little boat, oh, little boat
From the shoreOh, fisherman’s little boat


Due to the fact that our area is a passage for big ships at times of strong winds and storms, we often have the chance to admire the view of tankers reach Europe through the Suez canal. Tankers are actually my favourite and every time I see them passing by, my mind travels to the places they have stopped at and wonders what kind of load they carry. Sometimes I imagine their staff gazing at our shoreline the same way that we gaze at their vessel.

The picture that is featured on this post shows the tanker which passed by my balcony last Sunday. Maybe I’ve been a good gal this year and Christ thought he should give me a small Easter gift. 🙂

What pictures did you grow up with? I’d like to know!



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