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Walking across a beautiful campus

Spring is here and The University of Nottingham community know exactly what that means; lively colors everywhere! The massive variety of flora on the University Park Campus has woken up to welcome the warmer days! Colourful flowers, all-green trees, everything looks different under the spring British sun (yes, I love this seldom sunshine)! Clear paths leading to fountains and pieces of art, trees devoted to important people, students’ halls and research centres showing themselves through all these leaves!

On the main campus there is a plethora of gardens. In them stand benches and tables, where students discuss, eat or study. With wi-fi everywhere, excellent lending services and thousands of digitized books, who needs the library when nature creates such wonders?

So, on my way to the Sports Centre of the university, where I would meet our lovely driver who would take me and some others to Trent Valley, I took many, many pictures with my smartphone. I didn’t know where to look first, what to photograph first! Here are some photos from one of the most pleasant walks of my lifetime:

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