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At EGVUS 5th annual show

Hi! Well, spring is here and showtime begins for most equestrians! Spring has been established as a competition season in the equestrian world and at EGVUS we organized a competition among the athletes. People from age 5 to 45 competed showed their skills in a wide range of activities, such as endurance, polo, showjumping, vaulting, racing, timed exercises with poles, equestrian theory and timed bridle assembling.

The purpose of the competition is to have fun, introduce the locals to the equestrian sports, show each other what we have learned and prepare psychologically the young athletes for affiliated competitions. Athletes, relatives, friends and common citizens arrived to watch the challenges that we competed in, making the yard a beautiful, lively place.

Canada did very well, leading a number of young athletes to victory. As I was watching him, I was thinking that, despite that he is still a bit too sensitive, he has grown into an intelligent, strong and well-formed adult thoroughbred. And of course I feel lucky that he has skilled people who look after and exercise him while I am away.

As for myself, I competed in three contests; timed bridle assembling, theory and timed exercise with poles. I got a nice third place in timed bridle assembling and brought a cute medal home. Now, time for some pics!

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  • Angie

    Such a beautiful and noble horse athlete you have. I have a belgian mallinois and he just won first place in his category worldwide. He is such a young beautiful one.

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