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“The Queen and Her Ceremonial Horses” – Documentary

Picture from http://www.visitbuckinghampalace.co.uk
Picture from http://www.visitbuckinghampalace.co.uk

The trouble and joy of every equestrian! On this old documentary meet the Queen’s ceremonial horses, their use and the customs followed by those who work with them. See historical equipment and learn about the protocols in the horses’ training and use, as well as the protocols of the ceremonies they participate in. Personally I loved the coaches and the costumes. Did you know that when a new costume needs to be made a bible from the Queen Victoria’s era is faithfully consulted?


  • Tony Searle


    I was most interested to see that you have posted ‘The Queen and Her Ceremonial Horses’ which I directed several years ago. I have put the link on my facebook timeline so that friends and family can see this blast from the past. I made several equestrian documentaries including ‘ Royal Four-in-Hand’ with His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh. I also made a film about equestrianism in Oman, for His Majesty The Sultan.

    Keep up the good work, it is good for these films to get an airing as there is still an audience out there. Incidentally, ‘The Queen and Her Ceremonial Horses’ achieved an almost unprecedented audience for a television documentary when it was first broadcast on ITV – 12 million!

    Best wishes,

    Tony Searle (Producer/Director, Documentaries).

    • chriszygakis


      Nice to meet you and many thanks! Your documentary is very thrilling. I have watched it twice! I’m not a film expert, but I particularly liked your attention to detail. And the narration was very good, I could perfectly just listen and bring the pictures to my mind. I will most certailny look for your other documentaries as well! And it must also be great to work with her Majesty! Again, thank you very much!

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