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A moving movie: A Horse for Danny

Image from http://sonarent.com
Image from http://sonarent.com

This week I realised that I hadn’t seen any equestrian films for quite long now. So, last night I made time to watch the film “A Horse for Danny”, released in 1995.

The story is about an 11-year-old girl who lives in a caravan in an American racecourse with her uncle, Eddie, who makes a living from training race horses. Everything runs smoothly, as Danny wakes up early in the morning, hangs around with adult friends in the racecourse and places bets before heading to school. Until she saw a troubled but gorgeous thoroughbred, Tom Thumb, being brought in violently in the competing stables. She falls in love with him and, disregarding his disappointing performance at racing, she believed in that horse and did everything to acquire him. With her betting savings, and the contribution of a befriended groom, Gerald and Uncle Eddie, her dream comes true.

After very hard work and dedication, the Thumb surprisingly begins to win races and bring earnings. But, not everything is as rosy as it seems, as the team is sabotaged by the boss of Thumb’s breeding farm, and  a colleague of Eddie’s.

I absolutely loved the photography of the film. Of course, it is quite visible that it’s a 1990’s movie, but even the colours contribute to the beauty of the story. And, if you like gaining life lessons from films, you might love the concept of successfully going against the odds, using your intuition and caring for others.Of course, it is a film which a family can watch in a great Friday evening inside.

If the story sounds appealing to you, here it is, offered on YouTube. And, let’s disregard the opinion of the owner of the channel that the film was made in 1984.


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