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Doing the dirty job: How to clean a stall

Picture from http://pridemagazine.com
Picture from http://pridemagazine.com

It’s nice to ride along a valley or jump around in the arena or dancing with your equestrian friend, but, like us humans, our equestrian friends produce, well, “waste”, which needs cleaning. This might not be a fun process obviously, but it is necessary for a healthy horse.

Why do we clean/muck our a stable/stall? For several reasons; the stall does not smell, the horse does not swallow the toxic ammonia coming from its own urine, flies -horses’ worst enemy- have no reason to stay inside a stall, the hooves are kept healthy, the floor of the stall has the chance to dry, and our equine friend has a soft, warm bed to lie on for a rest or a snooze.

The ladies below show us how to do it:

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