Urgent funding plea: Let’s help one of the University of Nottingham riding clubs

Let's help these lovely ladies with their spectacular efforts! Picture from http://www.marsmilk.com
Let’s help these lovely ladies -and this cute gentleman- with their spectacular efforts! Picture from http://www.marsmilk.com

The equestrian club of the Sutton Bonington campus of the University of Nottingham has been involved in the Mars (the brand, not the planet!) Milk Play Fund, in order to fund its horseball activities and represent the university in British national university championships. The club is in urgent need of equipment and money to fund their lessons and horse training and have entered the scheme for a small grant. One thousand pounds might not sound enough for the size of their project, but “every little helps”, as the motto of a British supermarket chain says.

Sutton Bonington is an isolated campus hosting a number of agronomic, veterinarian and food science schools. Students’ access to the university’s main campus or organised equestrian clubs is rather difficult and they need to build their own training facilities and pay for their instructors and the schooling of their horses, for their right to compete with minimum facility and technical obstacles, like all other youths of their age.

The Milk Play Fund is a scheme offered by Mars Incorporated to fund individuals, teams and clubs practicing any sport. A grant of 1,000 British pounds is offered every month and one of 300 pounds every week to the entries that get the most votes.

These young people might not need this grant, if they didn’t have to pay 9,000 British pounds per year in tuition fees, plus rent and other living costs. Let’s support them in their effort to prove what they can do. They deserve it, as you will be able to see on the respective funding page.

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