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Tottilas retires from competition

Picture from http://www.horseandcountry.tv
Picture from http://www.horseandcountry.tv

It is now official that Tottilas is not going to return to dressage championships. His team made the following statement on Facebook, in English and German:

“Official statement – Offizielles Statement
(für deutsche Version bitte runterscrollen)

After the last week and the now circulating speculations about Totilas’ future, we – as a family – would like to take a stand on this matter:

How much the international dressage sport owes to this horse is almost impossible to put into words. Never before has a dressage horse moved and thrilled these masses – no matter if horse-enthusiast or not, young or old.

As already known from various sources, the examination last weekend showed that Totilas has an edema in the bone. This is being treated in the best possible way by a superb team of veterinarians.

Resulting form this new injury we collectively came to the decision against the active sport. Totilas will not come back into the competitive dressage sport in the future!
His injury is going to heal on his home yard Schafhof, given all the time it needs. This will also give him a gentle transition into his athletic retirement.

Provided that it is possible he will continue being available for breeding via the service station of Paul Schockemöhle.

We really hope for the understanding of all those people, that are moved by this horse as much as we are. Also we would like to take the opportunity to thank all the admirers and fans for their support during all this time”.

Let’s wish Tottilas happy times on the paddock!

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