The silliness of abuse

The silliness of abuse

11755177_1646635542215876_5777156405608012131_n  No offence to our American friends, but I cannot understand what appears the dominant desire for showing oneself off. “Challenges”, extreme shootings, etc., things that we can see on YouTube or on TV, because someone is filming or photographing the person doing them -with their consent or request. And these acts are accompanied with stupid smiles, or “how it’s done” advice. Come on, there are plenty of such scenes on the web and the news.

So, here is a situation of equine abuse coming from Oklahoma, United States. Two men apparently find it fun to tie up a mare, stand on her body whipping her and sit on her shoulder stabbing her neck with their spurs. And, of course, let’s not forget about the silly, fat smiles at the camera. They call this “training”, for God’s sake.

Now, seriously, what do these men try to do? Convince people about a special achievement or extraordinary skills? Can’t they see that they appear absolutely stupid? Now, if they are so smart and strong and capable, here’s another challenge; go to the wild, catch an 800kg stallion and try to do the same. I wonder if they would enjoy this as much!

A big campaign is occurring on the social media to find out if that poor mare is alive and to persuade the local authorities to take action against the people who are responsible for this. You can find the petition here:

Twitter: @HorseinOKabused , #ShowUsTheHorse