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Natural hoofcare workshop in Crete

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Hello again! Andrea-Patrizia Wiener-Angelakis invites us to her farm “With Horses Here and Now”, where she will deliver a two-day seminar on looking after the equine foot. The course will take place between from 14 to 15 October 2017 and here follows the announcement:

“Every horse comes into this world healthy and barefoot with the potential to follow the herd from day one into rocky trails and harsh grounds for many, many miles. So why is that your horse has to wear metal shoes?

Usually, we put shoes on our horses when they become of age to be ridden or to start working. This happens out of habit or out of fear that the horse’s hooves will wear down so much, that the horse will eventually get lame. It’s true that most domesticated horses have very sensitive hooves and cannot walk barefoot, but that’s entirely our fault and the poor managing conditions we provide”.



Day 1 includes the following sessions:

  • Examination of the Hoof Mechanism and Structure
  • The Wild Horse’s Hoof as the Ideal Model
  • Nutrition, Balancing the Diet
  • Encouraging Movement – Track System
  • The Domesticated Hoof
  • Evaluating the Hoof – Knowing Where You Are Without x-Rays
  • The Natural Trim, How To and What
  • Natural vs Conventional Trimming
  • Rehabilitation Trimming -Hoof Pathologies
  • Laminitis – Metabolic Disorder
  • Maintenance Trimming
  •  Booting Your Horse

On Day 2 Andrea-Patrizia will get us under the equine. She will demonstrate the tools of the trade and the necessary equipment and she will teach us how to make the most out of it. Also, the hooves of the farm horses that are barefoot. One cannot attend Day 2 without attending Day 1 first, because our mind is considered the most important tool.

The course will cost 140 euros per person and 120 euros for early birds who will book by 12 September 2017. The price includes breakfast and snack. Also, you can bring along your own horse upon agreement with the host.



Host: Andrea-Patrizia Wiener-Angelakis

Tel: +30 6981906761




So, what about a warm, horsey weekend on one of the dream places in the Mediterranean? Book your place ASAP!



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