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My new riding whip

The whip is actually much better than it looks on the website! Picture from
The whip is actually much better than it looks on the website!
Picture from

To reward myself for going through successfully a quite harsh year, and to celebrate my first year as an equestrian, I ordered a great whip from Amazon. I had expected it for days and kept checking the mailboxes and the hall’s reception for Royal Mail notices. Today as I woke up I thought I should check again. So, I went to the stairs, looked down through them and noticed a neat cylindric parcel. I immediately assumed what it was; my new whip! I ran towards the mailbox spot like a kid running to the Christmas tree and grabbed the package. The first think I noticed was a flawless cylinder and a flawless name tag. This was a good sign! I took it to my room, took a picture just because and observed it more carefully. The cylinder was sealed with plastic lids and secured with a tape reading William Hunter.

I opened it and the HySCHOOL Diamante Riding Whip showed itself inside a neat plastic package! It’s so much better than I expected! First of all, it’s got crystals everywhere, with a large one at the top. The handle is full of crystals as well, while the leather tip is huge! It’s a well-built item, although I wonder whether the crystals will stay in their place during my training sessions.


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