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Move, lazy horse!


Image from www.flickr.com. Attributes to David Saddler

I don’t know about you, but I have been loads of times on the back of a horse that won’t move. Not even an inch!  The problem I face is, that eventually the whip has to land on someone’s bum and I can’t stand it. This happens  especially at home. And it’s so frustrating. I still remember Pamelos bearing the pain of my new whip. An ex-racehorse, he might be used to it, but I could feel he was in pain. And still he wouldn’t move. I was so upset. Upset for the horse and disappointed with myself as a rider. I felt both as a bitch and a loser. It was heartbreaking and I cried on horseback.


So, I’ve been looking for tutorials to see how other people cope with this. I found the following video by CRK Training, on which the lady you’ll see says that a lazy horse is basically a desensitized horse. I enjoyed this video and indeed I feel that I still can’t have full control of a horse. I don’t think that I use my body properly, so the horse might get confused or something. I also learned how nicely I can use my schooling whip to motivate the equine. Here the video:





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