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Fleeing like in the jungle!

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So, what to do when your out and about with your horse and he has a fair reason to flee? Speaking of fair reason, I mean, a predator. You know, there are so many kind and experienced people who have shared online and in real life their advice about this situation; but, let’s face it, how prepared can you be, when you are outside of the safety of a school, the predator is present and the survival instinct of your equine friend has been triggered?

Bebis is now an experienced horse who never loses nerve -except if he’s disturbed at mealtime. And I was lucky to be on his back, I believe. So, let me tell the story from the beginning.

It was time for my lesson and Yannis thought that the weather was great for a hack outside. So, he waited for some little students, and we set off on what would be a great promenade in the rural area around the yard. Yet this area is full of guardian dogs and their stray friends!

Everything appeared normal and maybe I was a little worried about the possibility of not making it back to the yard before dark. Bebis was worried too, I guess, given his strong willingness to go forward. Or, he was looking forward to his supper, because sunset means supper for him, lol!

In time, we had to stop and walk ride towards the opposite direction in order to return to the yard. Bebis and I made a nice 180° turn and began to trot back to EGVUS. In less than a minute, we heard a dog grunting from the inside of an olive grove. Bebis froze at once and fled a few seconds later to the opposite direction and only stopped when he heard Yannis’ voice. And if you wonder, yes, I stayed on and I think I owe this to Yannis!





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