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Yesterday I joined an adults’ lesson at my new equestrian club. About 10 people, 9 ladies and one gentleman. When I entered the arena, I was happy to realize that an all-adult group was warming up and, of course, I joined them. That time I was on Burt, a quite lazy horse, I have to say!

Carole walked in a took us to a grassy yard at the back of the school. I loved the sound made by the horses’ shoes as we walked across the livery! Eventually we reached a grassy field full of jumps. Carole made corners and had us to trot around. The problem was, that it was the first time I was riding on grass! I was used to safe arena terrains and small roads. But not to that! The soil was not even, of course, making Burt quite bouncy and my riding quite tiring. But in the end, I survived!

Another issue was Burt’s lively appetite! As soon as we arrived, Burt began grazing. I was so surprised, that I nearly fell off. My body was lying over his neck while I was desperately trying to put everything together. And I don’t blame him; the grass was fresh, and the smell was amazing. And, as a Cretan, who eats certain types of cooked or raw grass, I was indeed quite tempted, let alone a horse!

But, thankfully, I survived all this! So, that’s for now! Time to go to bed for tomorrow’s volunteering day!

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