• My adventures

    Childhood memories

    Hi from a busy desk! For those wondering, I’ve been mega busy, racing for essay deadlines! Life is a challenge for a mature postgraduate student! But hey, everything is under control! Yesterday my mother was submitted to an operation. Unfortunately, she lives in Crete and I live in Nottingham, so I couldn’t be with her. But, as the time for the essay was running short and I couldn’t concentrate, family memories began to flood my head. I remember spending days or weekends in my mother’s village, with my grandparents. I recalled especially the time I spent with my grandmother. She would spend all morning doing housework, while my grandfather would…

  • My adventures

    One year of equestrianism

    I was so excited about cantering yesterday, that I forgot about my first equestrian anniversary. It was 1 May when I called Yannis to ask him about the lessons and the next day I started. On May 3rd I could not move any part of my body, of course. Don’t ask me how I attended that wedding (and drove there), I don’t want to remember. But what I would like to remember is the passion with which I dived into videos, books, pictures. I wanted to know everything about horses and equestrian sports. I forgot about International Relations and equestrianism was all that mattered. So yeah, one year of equestrianism.…

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