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    The manureman

    So many old professions have been abolished or changed with the arrival of the industrial era. In Crete, on of them was the manureman. His job was collecting equine manure from the streets and roads. Manuremen worked as public servants; they were paid by the city council and each of them had their own zones to work on. They were paid by kilogrammes and needed to pick two kilogrammes of manure to be able to afford a loaf of bread. Of course, equine manure is known to be the best fertiliser for plants, therefore, the manureman had a few antagonists: it was the agricultural families, who sent their children to…

  • Equestrian topics

    Draft horses in action

    Hello again! My last post was about draft horses. So, today I want to post here some videos that demonstrate the power of these animals and what they can do for farmers and the environment. It seems that, farming with draft horses is a key to sustainability (in its environmental context), a hot issue when it comes to food production. With so many thousands horses that are led to slaughterhouses at an early age instead of being used for other human activities except for racing, horse power in general could be part of the solution for food security. Coming from an agricultural background, I can say that, first of all,…

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