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Success! The Walk with Donkeys sanctuary achieve their fundraising goal!

Image from @Suzie Barbour
Image from @Suzie Barbour

  Last week I wrote about the fundraising plea of the equine charity in Crete Walk with Donkeys. The charity have been in heavy and urgent need of water for the over 20 equines they protect.

I am excited to see that they have exceeded their crowdfunding goal and that now they are expecting the tanks and fittings that they have ordered. A big thanks to everyone who has contributed, as those tanks will be a big relief!

The charity are still raising money for their watering project, so there’s still the chance to support them here . If you would like to donate to the sanctuary for the rest of their activities, or contribute to their everyday work, you can visit their website and check out the tab “Guardian Angels Wanted”.

Thank you very much again!

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