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Water crisis appeal for an equine sanctuary

Image from @Suzie Barbour
Image from @Suzie Barbour

In some places, people take water for granted. In others, they are desperate to save it. I was born and raised in a place where water shortage is always a problem and has to be faced on an individual level; “close the tap”, “don’t wash more often than twice a week”, “don’t handwash the car”, “look how much water you’ve used to boil a portion of spaghetti”, “look how much water you’ve boiled to make just one cup of tea”, “I’ll bring you the water bill and have you pay it” and other “don’t” and “look at what you’ve done” phrases. People do whatever possible to save water, and the authorities do the same.

Southern Crete, with sunshine 360 days a year, is one of the driest areas in Crete and the problem of water shortage is particularly severe from early June to late October. The oxymoron is that, despite the water shortage, we still have to water the thousands of hectares of irrigated land to feed the rest of Greece. And we have some animals to water too. To resolve this problem, the local authorities in Ierapetra have established a schedule of water usage for agricultural purposes. Each registered consumer can water their plants on specific days, in specific hours. Now, add 35-40 celsius heat and imagine yourself trying to irrigate and ride in my hometown during this season.

The charity Walk with Donkeys, placed up in the mountains, with little access to running water, and having to look after 22 retired equines at the moment, struggle to secure the water they need to cover the animals’ daily needs in water. They have to fetch water from the local spring using water tanks. But, with the number of their proteges increased this year, the equipment that they already have is not enough. The need to increase the watering equipment is major and urgent and, with the current financial crisis in Greece, finding adequate funds for this purpose is not the simplest thing in the world…

For this purpose, the charity have launched a crowdfunding project and they ask from all of us some generosity, to reach their goal of 1,000 euros, which will buy three water tanks with the equipment needed to install them. Will you help save these donkeys from thirst?

I put the link here so that you don’t miss it 🙂


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