Amazing Crete

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    Pretty things that stamp your life

    Everyone has a birthplace and a place they spent their childhood in. Even if we weren’t that lucky in our early years, there were still pleasant little moments that we recall now and then. I believe that Crete is an ideal place for one to grow up. Growing up in Crete goes together with unforgettable memories of endless swimming, excursions in the mountains, holidays in the plethora of villages that exist on the island, exploration of everything that can be explored, feasting in picturesque places, flirting on the beach and so much more. The beauty of the images that stain your mind forever cannot be described with words; images that…

  • Amazing Crete,  My adventures

    Spring is coming on the shore

    It’s been a horrible winter over here. Nothing has reminded us that we can see the shores of North Africa from some high spots in the area. Strong winds that often exceeded 10 Beaufort degrees, low temperatures as well as prolonged rainfalls and snowfalls have made our lives difficult. Let alone the fact that each of us has had the flu at least twice so far since last October. Sunday morning, I went to EGVUS anticipating to do a riding lesson. The yard was still closed when I got there and, after having enough of gazing at Voukefalas, who had spent the night in the arena, I thought I should…

  • Amazing Crete

    A manureman’s story

    Hello again! A few days ago I wrote here about the job of a manureman. Now I would like to share with you a funny story from my hometown, Ierapetra, which is narrated on a number of Cretan websites. So here’s the story: In the old times, in Ierapetra lived an illiterate but very cunning man, whose name was Karchimas. He irritated people, drank like a water snake, banged his boots onto the ceiling, hit horses in the buttocks and used to say all the time: “I went to America, but it didn’t work out, so I came back”. As a manureman, he worked day and night on the unpaved…

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