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Two horses found in a donkey sanctuary in Ierapetra – The owners are being sought

12990997_978488112235892_4342181719501086122_n_largeI have received a plea from the owners of the charity “Walk with the Donkeys Sanctuary” about two horses -a young stallion and a filly- found on their premises near Anatoli, Ierapetra. They arrived 10 days ago and, despite the hard efforts to find the owner, they are still to show up and pick up their equines.

The horses are in very good condition, which makes us assume that they have not been abandoned, but rather they must have escaped from the owner’s premises.

Yet just in case and no offence, please bear in mind that charities, despite their good intentions, are not dumping points for pets. Those people are happy to help, but people who are happy to donate some money are quite scarce in Greece at the moment, and I don’t know of anyone -charity or individual- who has ever been able to maintain an equine for free. So let us not take advantage of the philanthropy of an animal charity. If you feel that you can no longer upkeep your pet (whatever the species), please contact directly the charity, a vet or any professional associated with that species for help. And bear in mind very seriously that nobody has the right to enforce on other people their own responsibilities when it comes to animal maintenance.

That said, here are the pictures of the horses. If you know the owner, please tell them that the matter is absolutely urgent and contact the charity on +306976088547, +306934264012 or at It is important for these horses to be taken back home.


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