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Ierapetra apovathra Hello from Crete! It’s been twenty days since I returned to the homeland -and two months since the last time I blogged, but that’s another issue. Since I arrived I’ve been mega-busy, and today it as the fourth time I got out of the house.

One of my exoduses was a day at EGVUS, of course. How could I resist going to the yard which is just a 2 min drive from my house! And so I ended up spending there my first Sunday home!

So there we go, at 9 am I was ready to be driven to the yard, in my riding breeches and everything, planning to just drink some coffee and say “hi” to my four-legged friends and meet new ones. When I arrived with my little friend Maria, Yannis was out on a hack with tourists, and so I had the chance to meet some new little human friends, who had spent their school holidays volunteering in the yard.

I wanted like crazy to greet the horses and give them treats, but, since my boots were still in the transporter’s truck, I had to find a way to get to enter the arena, so that I save the white colour of my trainers. And yep, I found the boots that I had donated. It’s a pair of boots which I had bought for myself in Britain back in 2009 and, despite the fact that they were discoloured and the zip was missing from the left boot, the leather was in a decent state and I had no better choice anyway. The picture of me walking around in these boots was just immensely comical, making the kids laugh!

And so greetings began. First was Pamelos, who began to paw with both his feet as soon as he saw me! I love this guy so much, he is just so impulsive and loving! I greeted each and every horse and I was pleasantly surprised when Bebis was not disturbed (aka did not try to bite me) when I patted his cute little nose! The treat menu today had white grapes, which the horses absolutely enjoyed! Indeed, if you haven’t tried grapes as a treat, you should definitely do it!

Eventually Yannis returned from the hack and, thank God, he was happy to see me. He looked great, despite his unpleasant life news and I loved the fact that EGVUS was better than I left it.

Well, home sweet home!



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