My equestrian Halloween costume!

My equestrian Halloween costume!


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To be fair, I don’t like dressing up for Halloween. I can’t bother. When I was at school, then yes; I remember myself being dressed up by mum and taken to the party in our primary school or the night club next to our house. It was fun; a new costume every 2 years, but the same make up every single time!

And then, today’s party. I had to go, as it had been organised by a friend for a friend, in the common room of the hall. I had reassured everyone that I was not going to dress up. I didn’t have any ideas anyway, plus, had been working on campus, who was in the mood of dressing up right afterwards? While I was returning from work, I came up with a funny, last-minute idea! I was laughing all the way back to my room, and could not stop laughing while I was preparing it! I called it “catastrophe in the yard”,  and it was the perfect time to dress up in that thing; you know, just-back-from-work looks with a faded make up on my tired face and here’s what I did:

First of all, I needed to find some tights, breeches whatever, that would be cheap enough! I grabbed a pair of black pants that my mother had bought me from LIDL once, for 5 euros or something. With beige nail polish and liquid lipstick, I drew worms (yes, worms!) on the back, where the butt goes!

Then, came the difficult part! I wanted to add a tail that would look natural. My hair itself gave me the solution, as it’s long and I can find it everywhere in my room. So, I gathered as many hairs as possible, washed them with regular shampoo, untangled them as much as I could and put them together into hair clip. Then I sowed it on my pants! It took me more than an hour to finish that masterpiece!

For a top, I used a damaged shirt, which I still use for riding under my vest. I doubt if it was visible, but anyways, I didn’t want to wear anything better. Besides, it’s supposed to be a catastrophe!

I didn’t get my 90-euro velvet Tattini helmet or my 22-euro show gloves, as guests can be (and were) too clumsy! Besides, leaving them behind is a catastrophe for me as well! But I did wear my riding boots, which were full of mud and poo anyway!

Then, I needed to fix my front side. At the front I wanted to look like an injured yard owner, who’s had a long, unlucky day! I tried to make my face look as if it had been kicked by a horse, so I got my make up things and drew the trace of a horse shoe, bruises and blood! And also, I didn’t forget to make my nails greasy as greasy as they could look, and used a black kajal eye pencil for that!

Here are some pics, some of them optimized to look great: