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Show horse found slaughtered and butchered in a farm

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* Attention: Upsetting content
In the atmosphere of Halloween, here is a real horror story that you can share with your friends; a woman who wakes up in the morning to find her newly-bought show horse slaughtered and butchered inside her farm in Florida. And, actually, she considers likely the possibility that the horse was butchered alive. This horrific act happened to a 12-year old chestnut gelding named as  Phedras de Blondel and was discovered by the jumping veteran Debbie Stephens, who had imported him from Europe just some days before.

The most outrageous aspect of this story is that the killers thought they had the right to grab a horse owned and paid by someone else and sell it for meat.

Because I feel too disgusted already, you can read the whole story on Yahoo!Sport here and also on Horse & Hound here

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