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Who’s up for some country fun? Strawberry Shortcake!

Strawbery shortcake
Picture from www.awn.com

Hello! Tonight I became a kid again. Everything started while I was looking for trot videos. And then I stumbled upon an animation called in Greek “The Little Strawberry” and the specific part involved -guess what- horses! But the thing is, that I could only watch the first part of the episode. Looking further, I saw that the original animation is called “Strawberry Shortcake” and the episode I was looking for is called “Big Country Fun”. 

In “Big Country Fun” is about Strawberry Shortcake telling her pets stories with her friends in the countryside. OMG, look how easily someone can return to their childhood! I’ve gathered the whole episode for you from YouTube. Have fun!

And here’s the song “Down on the Ranch” lol

The lyrics in Greek go roughly like this lol:

First come the horses

It’s them first

And the cows right afterwards

Sort out the tractor

And the dogs

Get to work! If you want work!

You’ll feed the chicken

The little pigs

You’ll harvest the apples

And you’ll cut wood

And if you get yourself a bit dirty

You don’t stop

You let it be!

Grab the rake promptly

If you want work

And you’ll find work to do in the end

Who wants to work doesn’t ask

He finds promptly something to do

And he begins!

With courage,

You tie and ride and you begin

You change your route and you’ll go far

The obstacles that you’ll find,

You overcome them

And you go on

-So, can you look after the horses?

-Of course we can!

-What about the cows?

-Of course we can!

-Drive a tractor?

-Of course we can!

-Push the plough?

-Really fast!

If you say yes, we will get to work

And everything will be OK!

Give us the job!

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