Helmet, oh, my savior

Helmet, oh, my savior

horse-fall_1212847i  I had planned to post a much happier blog today; a description of a day with my university’s riding club at the equestrian club. It would be very nice, really. But, as I wrote about equipment yesterday, I thought it’s my responsibility to stand on what happened today in that club: a bad fall.

We had finished our beginners’ lesson and next to the arena came more advanced students, whom I enjoy watching. Today they did jumping work. They were jumping, riding around obstacles, trotting, cantering. Everything appeared normal.

I mean, normal, until a mare freaked out with a female rider on her back. That specific female rider is quite experienced and to be honest, the most enjoyable to watch;  she has skills, balance, dynamism and style. And she is quite pretty as well, but I guess this is irrelevant at the moment. So, while the mare was going crazy, kicking around and the like, the lady fell off in a bad, clumpsy, ugly way. She fell forward, next to the horse’s front-left leg and rolled to the side, hitting her head and getting a cute scar on the forehead. Half of her helmet (front and side) was covered with sand and, the way I see it, it was a miracle it didn’t break.


It is obvious that, if the lady hadn’t been wearing her helmet, she would have suffered a major brain injury. From that moment, I love my own helmet even more. And I will never, ever, ever ride without it!