How is an English saddle made?

Picture from
Picture from

So, when you start your riding journey, you learn what a saddle is, how it’s fitted, what kind of saddle it for what kind of sports etc.

But when do you learn how a saddle is made? I remember my grandfather, retired, sitting in his workshop to making saddles for his friends’ donkeys. I still have this image in my mind. So, I always wanted to learn how a modern, horse saddle is made.

The following video gave me an idea about how English saddles are made. And it reminds me that I didn’t inherit my grandfather’s talent! Saddlery is definitely not a job for me!

It takes many hours to stick all this stuff together, but it's worth it, I believe. Picture from
It takes many hours to stick all this stuff together, but it’s worth it, I believe. Picture from


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