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What I would gift my horse for Christmas -if I had one

Picture from https://pixabay.com
Picture from https://pixabay.com

Here I am, break at work (well, I blog, work and study altogether -and it feels terrible only when I have to miss equestrian socials and lessons!). My supervisor has been playing Christmassy music to cheer us up, having showed us 4 boxes of chocolate, whose contents are all supposed to end up in our stomachs (and I am the person closest to these boxes, so imagine -_- ).

So, with all these cheers and treats, I began to think about the -horsey- gift I would like to give myself! A new pair of breeches and a shirt are in myself’s wishlist. This is how I began to search on the web for gift ideas, to satisfy this greedy self lol. And then, I wonder. If I was a horse owner, what would I buy for my horse? That is, what Christmas gift would make my horse think, “in the end, she’s not just interested in finding a great back to bounce her fat *ss on, but actually she cares about me”? While searching for ways to express my caring feelings to myself, I stumbled upon some horsey equipment that would give a horse moments of Christmassy coziness and joy! So, here’s a horsey Christmas wishlist!

  • Bandages: The utility of bandages is double; on the one hand, they accelerate the warm up; on the other hand, they support the horse’s leg during the ride. These posh EQUI THEME TECHNICAL WEAR POLO BANDAGES, sold on equestrian.com, caught my eye.
  • Ball: Well, even horses have the right to play! I liked HORSEMEN’S PRIDE JOLLY MEGA BALL, sold on equestrian.com
  • Likit: Spending the whole day in a stable might not be so fun and interesting. At least, having something tasty to lick and move with your head makes a day in more bearable! What about LIKIT BOREDOM BREAKER?  It goes with LIKIT LITTLE LIKITS and LARGE LIKITS , again sold on equestrian.com
  • Saddle pad: What kind of horse would like a saddle sitting on its back like, without anything underneath?? Ouch! A saddle pad is a core piece of equipment and I would like it lush enough! I actually noticed this JUST-GEL LAMBSKIN HALF PAD on EQUIPORT, which would help my horse carry me around on the canter more comfortably!
  • Grooming kit: “Rub me, servant! Rub me, servant!”. The benefits of grooming are widely known and include better blood circulation, muscle toning and strengthening bonds with the horse, which appreciates this kind of care. I found Hippo Tonic 3 Grooming Set sold on equestrian.com quite appealing. And if I felt too generous, I would also check out Gold Turn Out Trio , also on equestrian.com
  • A rug: It would keep my buddy warm and stylish! And he could roll like crazy on his poop/snow/whatever, without causing me too much frustration! I loved this Equine Couture Waffle Weave Sheet on Contemporary Equestrian.  If you feel very Christmasy, what about this seasonal CHRISTMAS RUG?
    Both stylish, huh?
  • Loads of hay and treats! Because horses need hay and love treats!

What other gifts can you think of for your equine friend?

*This post is of informative character and its purpose is not to promote the products listed. Thank you for your understanding.


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