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  1. Picture from http://www.3dglasshorse.com
    Picture from http://www.3dglasshorse.com

    The life expectancy of a domesticated horse is 10 years higher than that of a horse living in the wild.

  2. The eye of the horse is the biggest one of all mammals. Five cm.
  3. A horse can see and hear in a radius of about 2 km.
  4. Horses can hear our heart beat and can feel whether we are scared or not.
  5. Horses see us up to 10 times bigger.
  6. The equine body has 105 bones, one less than the human one. That said, the human skeleton is similar to the equine one.
  7. Horses might not speak, but have feelings and thoughts like us. They cry, they laugh, they kiss, they hug and they also get angry. Oh! I forgot about cravings!
  8. Speaking about cravings, carrots, apples and sweets are not the only treats that horses love. Personally I have tried figs, courgettes (I usually peel them), bananas and grapes!
  9. They might be a bit big, but actually the droppings of your horse are quite pure and are considered as the best organic fertilizer that you can find around.
  10. Horses sleep 2-3 hours per day.

How many exciting facts do you know about our equine friends? I would be happy to know them! 🙂

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