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Reflecting on animal abandonment with the help of a video

Credits @Andrew Prokos Picture from http://andrewprokos.com
Credits @Andrew Prokos
Picture from http://andrewprokos.com

I searched a lot to find a non-disturbing image of animal abandonment. All of them were pretty much the same; skin-an-bone bodies, filthy places, charity people fixing someone else’s mess. Unnecessary pain caused to creatures that had not demanded to be adopted in the first place. So, this is why I put an image of an abandoned farmhouse instead. Who knows what days this house has lived. But I didn’t find it so sad, as a house can be rebuilt, while a dog cannot be reborn.

The following video wants to pass a message to potential pet adopters. It clearly speaks about dogs, but it applies to our equine friends as well. So, you are excited to take your new four-legged friend home, he becomes a dear family member and you have fun altogether. But this lasts very little, as problems start. They have to do with care and changes that come in life when we welcome an animal friend to the family. Who will look after the animal? Who will play with it? Who will make sure that it is kept happy? When all these questions come to the front, all we have is an unwanted creature, which we want to get rid of. Therefore, it ends up here and there, sick and starving.

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