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Offending a dead 9-year-old child? But why?

Image from the book "The Hunting Field with Horse and Hound in America, the British Isles and France", written by Frank S. Peer (1910). Retrieved from www.flickr.com
Image from the book “The Hunting Field with Horse and Hound in America, the British Isles and France”, written by Frank S. Peer (1910). Retrieved from www.flickr.com

You who live in Britain might have heard about Bonnie Armitage, a nine-year-old girl who lost her life on a fox hunting trip last Saturday, 2 April. According to the media, Bonnie was hunting on her Shetland pony, when the horse ridden in front of her kicked her, fatally injuring her chest .

What makes this accident terrible is the young age of the victim. She had all her life in front of her and now she’s dead.

But even worse was the behaviour of the people who supposedly react to fox-hunting. Their comments on the news are disgusting; others speak of karma, others about a “price to pay” and a woman even wishes that the hounds had ripped the child’s body apart! I guess she has been affected too much by the “Jack the Ripper” movie! They are practically “dancing” around a nine-year old’s dead body.

Are we serious? What’s the kid to blame? And who are you,trolls, who will blame the parents or leave comments of hate on the death of this child? Fox hunting is a controversial issue in Britain, because it involves the death of animals. But I’m asking you; is “ripping apart” a child a way to protect foxes? How much do you really care about foxes? Have you ever taken a wounded fox to your house to heal it? How much do you care about animals in general, really? And how would it feel to lose your own young child and then read all those words of triumph about their death? Would it feel as great? And in the end, how fine are you with eating live seafood? With horse slaughter? How tasty do you find beef burgers or pork sausages? Is it OK to feed your dogs and cats with canned horsemeat? And what about the wild salmon that you add to your omelettes and sandwiches? Or does your sensitivity stop at foxes? Please, let’s be less hypocritical. And let’s be less ruthless to a nine-year-old person.

In fact, I haven’t heard of anything more disgusting and shameful than adults mocking the death of a young girl. I don’t know precisely how sick you are, but, obviously, there’s some malfunction going on in your heads. If you, “fox-loving” trolls reach the point of dancing over a nine-year-old corps because she died while hunting, then, at least, you should consider the fact that fox hunting is your national tradition. Do you react the same way when you hear of a person dying of excessive alcohol use at the pub? Does it feel as funny? Probably not, but it’s fine in the case of fox hunting.

Those who mock Bonnie’s death because of their “love of animals” and think that it’s not sick to do it must be ashamed. And, of course, make sure they look at themselves in the mirror before judging a CHILD for dying while continuing a national tradition.


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