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Guest Post: Preparing Your Horse for Shows

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We’re right in the thick of equestrian show season, with many horse owners busy preparing their animals for the big day out. Preparation begins weeks in advance of a show, as the horse will need to be drilled in the routines that it will likely be asked to perform on the day, and the hours and days leading up to showtime are quite busy as final preparations are made.

The day before the show should be dedicated to enhancing your horse’s appearance as best as possible. Make sure all its body is washed and apply coat conditioner, although be careful not to put too much conditioner on the saddle area so that you don’t run the risk of falling off mid-show! You’ll probably want to plait its tail and put on a few sheets so that your preparatory work doesn’t go to waste overnight. Don’t forget to double-check that all your equipment is in order, too.

On the morning of the show, allow yourself plenty of time to give your horse one last beauty check and get to the venue in good time. The earlier you arrive, the more relaxed you’ll feel as you can run through the pre-show formalities without clock-watching and rushing through preparations or forgetting something important. After all that’s done, best of luck in the show!

Here is an infographic from Clippers Ireland which outlines the crucial preparations to go through ahead of showtime:

Image from Credits: Tom Melby

Tom Melby is the owner and director of Clippers Ireland, an Irish vendor of clipping products for horses and other animals. He loves all things equine-related and is an expert in offering grooming advice as well as identifying the best equipment for the task.

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