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Can’t ride because you’re injured? Here’s some ideas to cope with it!


Equestrian is not the safest amongst all sports, but, even if it was, life is dangerous in itself. As I’m sitting here in my chair with a broken rib, I’m thinking that there should be many other injured riders worldwide. So, what does one do when an injury or illness keeps them away from the yard?

First of all, stop weeping. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work. Unless you live in an unbreakable and immobile bubble, chances are that you’ll get an illness or injury at least once in your lifetime. You’re not the first one nor the last person to be in physical pain.

Try to be sociable. Feeling bad about what has happened to you may turn you into an introvert. Personal experience is speaking again! This will only make your mood worse. If you can’t get out of the house, use your social media accounts, e-mail or phone and contact people that you are in good terms with. You can even invite them to your place. If you feel that you can’t, there are two ways in my opinion: 1. force yourself to do it; 2. download smartphone application that can help you with your mood issues, such as Wysa. I’ve done both.


Keep yourself informed. The time that cannot be spent in the yard should not be wasted, should it? So, you can read a book or few articles or watch documentaries. And you might want to know that Amazon Kindle has always amazing offers on equestrian literature!

Keep yourself amused. It is important that you maintain your spirits high. So, now it’s the time to see that film that you didn’t have time for. Or, why not reading some good fiction book? Other feasible activities include Pinterest boards; what you can find on Pinterest equestrian boards! Oh, and you can always ask your friends to send you some pictures from the stables!

Move your body. Unless you are totally helpless (like me in the first two weeks after I broke my rib), try to do some workouts. The workouts don’t need to be something planned for the marines; a few stretches and a few repetitions on parts of your body that are not injured will do the job. I have begun doing exactly that for the last five days and I have seen big difference in my mood and pain levels!

Take good care of yourself. It is crucial that you take your time in recovering from your injury or illness. Sometimes, especially for the residents of the adult world, we don’t follow the medical instructions that are given to us or we return to our regular duties too soon. And the most common result is that our medical problem turns chronic or returns when we least expect it. But we forget that our health and safety is what our humans and horses need from us the most!

And, last but not least, remember to be positive every single day!

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