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How many calories we burn at the barn!

Credits @Chris. From www.flickr.com

More workouts, improved fitness and weight loss are probably the most popular new-year resolutions. So, it’s time for you to be proud, dear equestrians! Because, yes, you have all that with no extra effort!

Yannis told me once that one hour of riding in walk equals eight hours of walking on foot, so, you can see the miracles equestrianism does! Personally I love the fact that horse-riding is one of the sports that tone and strengthen your muscles, instead of turning you into a protein-obsessed monster! In any case, if you want to have a really good workout, get yourself busy in a barn!

Tonight I watched a fun video by Horse Collaborative, which tells about how many calories you burn when you do your grooming, riding and yard work. Yay!



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