Documentary: Power In The Blood – The Story of The Irish Thoroughbred
Image from wikipedia commons

I watched tonight an interesting documentary on the most popular breed for racing, the Irish thoroughbred. The documentary looks into the multi-million racing industry, gives us a glimpse of how hefty the price of a racehorse can be and makes sure that we know that only a small percentage of these horses will actually become champions, no matter their bloodline.

The documentary also shows what makes this breed -which has been created by humans specifically for racing- run so fast and be so strong. Experts explain the role that the size and weight of the vital organs play in the development of a speed rate of 45 miles/h in a little longer than two seconds.

If you get easily upset, you might want to know that a real, dead horse is opened up to show the anatomy of this breed -from very close.

And now the documentary:

So, what do you think of the Irish thoroughbred?

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