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Why I love horseback riding

Bebis and Voukefalas are waiting in the arena for the next lesson. The black human legs behind Bebis’s front-left leg are mine. I had just dismounted.

I’ve started this blog without telling why horse riding has become my new passion. I still remember my over-protective mother screaming like crazy and running after me all around the house, when she found out that I had started horseback riding lessons -that’s why she found out 3 weeks late. I defended my decision by saying why this activity is so important to me. Here’s why:

  • Horseback riding is my therapy, psychologically and physically.
  • I practice my concentration skills and balance when I’m on horseback.
  • I have made new friends.
  • It’s a new way to discover the world.
  • It’s a sport for all ages. Very conforting when thirties are at your doorstep.
  • Taming such a big animal sharpens your mind, strengthens your body and boosts your confidence.
  • I’ve had enough of tennis, volleyball, football, basketball and gym. Oh, and hanging out at cafes and taverns.
  • When I discovered horseback riding I had been bored to death. This activity gave my life a new interest, other than reading and working.
  • Because nothing is compared to a cute long facey preying for the treats you’ve got in your hand! And because nothing is compared to a short pony running here and there happy to see you again!

What are your reasons for sticking with horseback riding? Comment below!

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