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One and a half year ago, on a skiing centre, when my sisters returned from the slopes were stunned to find out that I was gone, having rented equipment and hired a trainer, in order to try skiing! Nobody believed that I would do such a thing, but, well, I did it. I wanted to see how it feels and whether it works for me. Well, I didn’t like it, but this is not the point on this post.

Later, I tried horseback riding. I was curious too. And I loved it. “I have found my sports at last!”, I kept saying to people. But it wasn’t so easy, as I discovered that I was actually nervous with horses. And horses know when someone is nervous and this has an impact on their behavior.

Now I’m not as nervous any more. I am more confident when I approach them or when I ride them. But deep inside I suspect that, when I go home, Bebis might find out that I might still maintain some nervousness. And all this biting will follow.

So, hoping to completely wipe out nervousness from my conscious and unconscious spheres, I decided to give it a go with vaulting through the university’s equestrian club. Having watched all these videos I can see that, although it seems a challenging sport, at least it’s fun and also benefits equestrians, helping them with their balance skills and fitness. So, why not?

Now, what should an almost 30-year old beginner expect from her first experience with vaulting? I don’t know, really. Maybe a sore body that can’t move and some bruises as well. But, I am sure that, no matter the result, it will be a fun challenge!

Here is a video I watched today:

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