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One year of equestrianism

This is Ali, Yannis' worker, with Zimas. I just love this photo!
This is Ali, Yannis’ worker, with Zimas. I just love this photo!

I was so excited about cantering yesterday, that I forgot about my first equestrian anniversary. It was 1 May when I called Yannis to ask him about the lessons and the next day I started. On May 3rd I could not move any part of my body, of course. Don’t ask me how I attended that wedding (and drove there), I don’t want to remember.

But what I would like to remember is the passion with which I dived into videos, books, pictures. I wanted to know everything about horses and equestrian sports. I forgot about International Relations and equestrianism was all that mattered.

So yeah, one year of equestrianism. This includes two instructors, two riding clubs, one charity, two riding cultures and more than ten horses. Oh, and quite many children running and riding around me. I didn’t believe in the past that this activity changes people, until I saw it with my own eyes and experienced it. I am a different person now. Stronger, more determined in life. And I have plenty of new friends. Equestrianism now is my life, my hobby, my therapy. When I am upset or miss home, I look at Bebis’ photo on my smartphone screen and I feel much better. Let alone the fact that I dream of horses almost every night!

As I said to friends and family in May 2014, I have found the perfect sport for me! Here are some memories:

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