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Equine therapy: Battling with schizophrenia

Equine therapy  I was not willing to write any posts tonight, but I changed my mind when I read this post on MSN: “My daughter’s terrifying battle with schizophrenia”.  The article tells the story of an American mother of two battling hard with her little daughter’s mental disorder, which claimed on her child’s life, her marriage and her savings. Things got desperate, with Morgan -the little girl- being hospitalized in psychiatry units and taking 48 pills per day.

Finally, the family discovered equine therapy and they were lucky enough to find some barn nearby. From the first moment, the girl started changing and her condition since then has been constantly improving. She lives a life close to normal, which includes school hours, barn work and helping out her stepfather with his work. This is one more example of what equine therapy can do for mental disabilities and disorders.

I’m not sure how it works. But it certainly does and little Morgan’s story is one more proof. Please read the article. It is very moving.

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