A week without equestrianism...

A week without equestrianism…

rainandhorse_picasaAs a student, I have quite many balls to catch every single day. Many obligations, including a postgraduate degree. And the equestrian club is far enough. And I can’t always book a place with the Uni’s riding club. If you haven’t grown up with horses or simply equestrianism is not your day job, it’s normal to struggle sometimes to fit the sport in your schedule, amongst the other, not less important activities.

So, how does this week pass? Badly. Because:

  • I can’t concentrate. I always think about horses and my missed sessions
  • I am anxious about sticking to the sport
  • I am simply depressed and I groan about everything
  • I get angry when I can’t attend a session for reasons that are not up to me
  • I look forward for the next week and hope that I’ll make it that time!