Life update -Or, where the h€ck I've been

Life update -Or, where the h€ck I’ve been

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Hi again! It’s been a long time, hasn’t it? I’m afraid other things have been monopolizing my list of priorities. MA graduation time is hopefully approaching for me. I have been working on my dissertation for the past year and, 24 August was my deadline for submission. And it’s quite funny, as I’ll be the only student graduating from this specific academic programme; it has been abolished from the School’s course catalogue, kind of, one year now. War Studies is a discipline which is needed more than ever now, as the international arena has entered a new state of disorder, and its arsenals contain more kinetic power than ever.

With one full-time and one part-time MAs under my belt, now I know one more reason why one would prefer a one-year course to a two-year one. The length of the period in which you engage your brain and body with a specific task; you might have not as much free time to develop your practical skills through work and societies and you are on the run all day (especially if you are an international, student and a non-native English speaker); on the other hand, you’re done too soon to care. When your course is prolonged, I guarantee that quite many times you will feel it as a burden, which can claim your mental and physical health.

Weekly lessons continued in the summer except in August, when a pause was necessary. Canada and I are doing fine and my injury belongs to the past for the time being. Yet there’s a lot of work to be done both on riding and horsemanship skills. I have forgotten a lot of basic stuff, including putting on a head collar and holding the reins and for these problems I will need to spend extra time at the yard.

So, here’s for now. Thanks for stopping by and let us all have a good autumn xx